The Innovation Circle

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The Innovation Circle

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This book is a teacher’s guide to innovative processes for higher education. The purpose is to promote innovative competencies among the students at higher educations using the didactic model The Innovation Circle. The innovation circle consists of 6 phases and a wide range of activities associated with each phase, which teachers can choose from. In the Innovation Circle, each of the 6 phases is described in a separate chapter with related activities. For each activity, the time, number of participants and materials are indicated as well a step-by-step description of how to facilitate the activity.
The Innovation Circle is structured so that the teacher first creates the learning space (mentally, socially and physically) and subsequently goes to the 6 phases. The innovation circle has been prepared so that it is possible for the teacher to use all phases described in the Innovation Circle, but one can also select according to the phase that is most meaningful for the planned teaching course in relation to the subject area, the chosen subject didactics and the time available to the instructor.
The theoretical background for the Innovation Circle is wide-ranging, and is inspired by theories about co-creation, innovation, entrepreneurship, design thinking, organizational theory, learning theory, creativity theory and didactic models.

Anni Stavnskær Pedersen
Head of UCN Innovation, ass. professor, holds an MA in Communications and Psychology Master of LAICS

Contact person: Anni Stavnskær Pedersen